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Readers sound off on Sunny Hostin, House immigration refusal and Sliwa’s Angels

Sunny Hostin on Jan. 8, 2024, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
Sunny Hostin on Jan. 8, 2024, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Sunny’s hostin’ is too about her, not ‘View’ers

Forked River, N.J.: I watch the TV show “The View” because not every celebrity guest on the show is promoting a movie. Some are working on noble causes.

Recently, Matthew McConaughey was on to raise awareness for his Greenlights Grant Initiative, which can help to provide funding to make schools safer. Last week, Robert Downey Jr. was on to talk about his book “Cool Food.” The book shows how new farming techniques can make both people and this planet much healthier.

The ever-increasing problem with “The View” comes in the form of co-host Sunny Hostin. Her narcissism and constant interruptions of her co-hosts, especially Alyssa Farah Griffin, who is the only Republican at the table, is beyond annoying.

A few times now, in the middle of a live show, Hostin’s cell phone will ring because her adult children are calling yet again. After whatever was being discussed is derailed, Hostin tells the audience, “I told them not to call when I’m doing the show.” Then the same thing will happen again a week or two later.

Nowadays I will check the TV listing first to see who the guest will be to see if it’s worth tuning in. Only now my thumb rests firmly on my TV remote’s mute button every time Hostin starts telling her life story yet again. Jim Hughes

Nice spread

Bronx: Sunday’s “Photos from Around the World” were spectacular! Keep it up! Barbara Sulkowski


North Brunswick, N.J.: To Voicer Katherine Raymond: Watch your ding-dang language before l dip your ding-dang quill in liquid soap! BTW, you made my day — ding-dang it! Ea A. Mingo

Not fee-ling it

Massapequa, L.I.: To Voicer Paul Camilleri: I agree about Money Thrown Away (MTA) due to bad management and the MTA paying double for overtime for employees who didn’t even work for years, but I disagree with your suggestion that Amazon members should not only pay an annual fee for Prime, but pay an additional $1 surcharge for deliveries. I will never go into the city via train, bus, car, etc. the way it is now, and I rarely did in the past. It’s bad enough that we are all being taxed for the MTA through our utility bills, gas stations, etc. Jean Marie Chiaramonte

Futility of fealty

Manhattan: The dramatic Tuesday House vote defeating Speaker Mike Johnson’s resolution to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas may have been a political error by a House leadership that prioritizes loyalty to former President Donald Trump over border security. It does not deflect attention from its leadership’s cynical decision to reject the hard work of their Senate counterparts to craft a serious compromise immigration initiative. That noted, a censure would constitute an appropriate legislatively imposed sanction. President Biden has executive powers to do more to curb a porous Southern border that weakens U.S. security. However, congressional Republicans have again chosen genuflection to Trump over the national interest to address a clear governmental failure. Roger B. Adler

OK with death

Fort Worth, Texas: Talk about horrendous hypocrites. After demanding that Democrats find a solution to the border crisis, House Speaker Mike Johnson now says that any immigration bill is “dead on arrival,” which tragically ensures that many more immigrants will be “dead on arrival” before stepping on U.S. soil. It’s beyond my comprehension how the supposedly pro-life party can coldly watch as immigrant children continue to drown, caught in the razor wire that Republicans have placed in the Rio Grande. But I guess that’s not surprising, knowing that Republicans already sold their souls the minute they endorsed a lying, cheating, democracy-hating, dictator wannabe for president. Sharon Austry

Do not bend

Floral Park, L.I.: Former President Donald Trump and his paid supporters knew that Trump lost his 2020 presidential election. He did a lot of foolish things to stay in power. He did not realize that he would face consequences for that. He also thought there were enough justices appointed by him to help him. But if the Supreme Court is planning to do the right thing or follow the law, that’s definitely going to hurt Trump. If they ignore the law, that will be a success for Trump. For the sake of the people’s trust in our judicial system, please do the right thing and obey the law. God bless America. Mathai Easow

Guilty stance

Staten Island: If Trump really didn’t do anything wrong (as he says), he wouldn’t have asked for absolute immunity, and an innocent man would have demanded a speedy trial instead of trying to push it back. It’s beyond stupid that an educated society is debating this matter (total immunity) in a high court. Just lock him up already. Michael Rosenkrantz

Lowered count

Pearl River, N.Y.: To Voicer Ronnie Leiterman: Nobody but an unarmed female veteran who was murdered by a D.C. police officer was killed on Jan. 6. Do a little of the fact-checking that you lefties always like to throw around and stop spreading propaganda. People like you and the mainstream media keep on pushing the lie that people were killed on that day. They weren’t. You are part of the reason that this country is in such danger. When the stuff hits the fan — and it will, because of all the terrorists you Democrats let into this country — you will run and hide like the coward you are. Robert Brennan

Join me

Itasca, Ill.: My name is Jim. I’m a recovering voter struggling with confirmation bias (adopting a point of view, then only considering information that supports that view). I attribute my struggle with this affliction to congressional wrangling since Jan. 6, 2021. I counter this condition via journalists like S.E. Cupp, Gene Lyons, Mona Charen, Fareed Zakaria and David Brooks. They are my 12-step program to stop my slide into confirmation bias. The good news is that I hear this program still has openings — assuming that prospective members admit they have a problem. Jim Newton

Vigilante injustice

Staten Island: So, Curtis Sliwa’s gang jumps and beats some guy for allegedly trying to talk to the weasel and the guy who was beaten, lied about and besmirched gets a citation for disorderly conduct? NYPD, are you kidding me? A man is gang-assaulted and he gets cited? Please, for the love of our city, hire cops with brains and eyes. If Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg isn’t looking to arrest the gang members who beat this guy, then why have a DA at all? I, for one, demand that gang assaults like this be treated as the serious crimes they truly are. Vigilantes can not be allowed to act with impunity. That’s not law and order. Imagine 10 guys attacking you for simply existing. Would you feel good about it? Lock them up or explain why they get away with this gang assault — on live TV! Everyone saw it but the cops? Tom McGuire

Idle anti-immigrant idol

Los Angeles: Can anyone out there please help Curtis Sliwa get a real job so he can stop spending his days making up anti-immigrant stories for his own vanity? The sad irony is that migrant workers contribute far more to the economy and well-being of this city than this lowlife ever has. James Montalbano

Policy feedback

Brooklyn: To Voicer Vanessa Enger: Let me ask you a question. Migrants, or illegal immigrants, supposedly come here for a better life. They are not here to commit crimes and acts of violence against anyone, let alone against NYC’s Finest. Don’t worry, I’m an old-school letter writer, so my letter is on its way to Biden. Mariann Tepedino

Misplaced ire

Mineola, L.I.: To Voicer Daniel Dolgicer: I am in no way defending The New York Times, but why did you write a letter to The News castigating an article written by the Times? You should have directed your letter to the Times! Philip Martone

Triple Z

Bronx: If Mazi Pilip married Tom Suozzi, she’d be Mazi Suozzi. Fred Smith