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Albany priest accused of slashing ex-lover’s tires after relationship went bad

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Hackett Boulevard in Albany
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Hackett Boulevard in Albany

The Episcopal Diocese of Albany is reportedly trying to figure out what to with a priest who’s accused of slashing the tires of an ex-lover and former coworker.

The Times Union spoke to the unidentified woman, who said she became involved in a consensual romance with Michael Greene, 49, shortly after she was hired to help with bookkeeping and travel arrangements at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church over the summer. The alleged victim, who’s in her 40s, said she told the priest she’d become uncomfortable with dating him while they worked together and left her freelance job in August after putting in just 16 hours.

Things went south shortly before Christmas when the pair traveled to New York City and Greene became aggressive while the woman was driving, she said. When she decided to stay alone in the Manhattan hotel room they had booked, the priest became angry and reportedly suggested she consider killing herself.

Weeks later, on Jan. 11, police believe Greene slashed the woman’s tires “with an unknown cutting instrument” while it was in a parking garage. He’s since been accused of criminal mischief and has a Feb. 20 court date. Greene hasn’t entered a plea.

He told the Times Union this week that the incident was a misunderstanding he expects to have resolved “soon.”

The Episcopal Diocese of Albany told the Times Union it was considering repercussions for Greene, but was unaware of the situation before being contacted by the upstate news outlet. They added that Greene, as a priest, is employed by his own church, not the diocese.

Greene did not attend St. Paul’s midweek Eucharist service on Wednesday, according to the Times Union.

The church didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. It’s unclear if they’re aware of the situation.